Medical Technologies & Health Solutions


  • Health IT/System and Data Security & Privacy 

Proactive health care data security, securing sensitive patient data, health records, on-prem or in cloud, network, and systems. 

  •  Health IT Training  

Customize training for users, technicians, engineers, managers and advisory service for executives.

  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Laboratory  solution that processes, stores, and manages patient data related to laboratory processes, testing and validation.  LIS based validation system can auto verification and eliminate defects in the automated reporting of laboratory test results.

Most modern laboratory diagnostic machines/devices support Integrated with LIS for automated validation of lab results (eg. Hemotology, Chemistry, Hormones, etc.). LIS is required for CAP  and CABHI certification.

Screenshot 2022-12-11 10.38.57 AM

Jin, D., Wang, Q., Peng, D. et al. Development and implementation of an LIS-based validation system for autoverification toward zero defects in the automated reporting of laboratory test results. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 21, 174 (2021).